Information and Technology

BlueSurge Technologies is at the forefront of platform, data infrastructure and service delivery innovation for enterprise and publically managed solutions where convergence of networked computing, large scale data management with real-time machine intelligence is driving the integration of the physical and virtual worlds.

Client requirement

Client wants us to get Involved in designing the user experience and UI, Worked on REST/web APIs to create services, Built Web Pages which are user Interactive. He was very sure of his designs and API work which our Team has satisfy him more than his expectations.

key features

Real Time Vehicle Location
Arrival and Departure Alerts of Vehicle
Vehicle Analytics
View Every Angle
Pose Multiple Figures
Articulated Hand Posing


Our phase was to deal with school transportation phase, Here our Challenges were to deal with the Location services, Attendance System. Our team has dive in to existing system of the Blue surge and reformed it with the new Changes.

project details

Project Type

Lead Generating Website


Lead Generation


Scala, Java, Angular JS, NODE, Chrome extension, Designing.