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lead IQ

Lead Generation


LEADIQ is the tool for the those who are for searching leads for their business. After signing in we will be redirected to one of most popular portals like LinkedIn, Angel lists. The main advantage of this lead generating website is that they are scraping leads for lead generation and enrichment, scraping contact information from email and phone numbers is very unique and interesting it’s a great tool not only for the individuals but for the business development groups. It makes finding the right contacts incredibly easy.
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Client requirement

Client has approached us through our website and he needed his lead generating website to be very unique and catchy. He want us to implement his design in just 3 weeks, but after very little time he gives us some more external works to implement for the same website and this relationship between us followed for 3 months plus he wanted his website to responsive and pixel perfect in which we have not disappointed him.
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Key Features

Automatic Sales Prospecting

Capture the Leads

Generating Contact Information


Leadiq is one of the most vast and time consuming website at the time of its developing phase. Our developers have find very tough to deal with the configure pricing phase because the client’s requirement about build the plan phase sequentially and that too in the given time. The important challenge was to make the given design more appealing and attractive.
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project details

Project Type

Lead Generation Website.


Lead Generation


Scala, Java, Angular JS, NODE, Chrome extension, Designing.