The http-equiv attribute is used by servers to gather information about a page using the HTTP header. The meta tag’s http-equiv attribute set is similar to a http header.

content-type: You may add this Content-Type meta tag to all of your webpages. For English sites use content=”text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1″ and for Japanese sites use content=”text/html; charset=ISO-2022-JP” this.

expires:  This content-type use for disable caching of the document at define time. It cause the browser to fetch new files.

set-cookie:  This content-type use for set cookies for page. In this name is name of cookies. Date use for to set expires of cookie as mention above and url is path of document. You can include more than one http-equiv=”set-cookie” if you need to set more than one cookie name/value pair.

content-encoding:  This content-type use for indicates the encoding of the returned data; usually the compression type. For g-zipped documents.

allow: This content-type use for include methods supported by server.

date: This content-type use for page publish time and date set.

last-modified: This content-type use for page last modified time and date set.

location: This content-type use for redirects the recipient to another location. Here n is time in second after page redirect to new location.

refresh: This content-type use for refresh page to after time. Time define by n. If you want to redirect page to new url after certain time that for we need to also define that page url in url.

window-target: This content-type use for prevent a page from appearing inside another framed page.

www-authenticate: This content-type use for providing basic access authentication, but providing such authentication in such a visible manner is not recommended for security reasons.

pics-label: This content-type is Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS) is a standard for labeling online content basically online content rating.

cache-control: This content-type is use when client browsers and caching devices are known to successfully implement all no-caching options, include multiple no-caching options including.

content-language:  This content-type is for pecifies the primary natural language(s) of the document. Used by search engines to categorize pages by language.

content-script-type: This content-type use for Specifies browser default script language. The default script language for the script element is javascript. If you aren’t using JavaScript as your default, declare content=”text/VBscript”.

page-enter: This content-type use for the Internet Explorer filter transition effect that is to be performed when the site is loaded.

page-exit: This content-type use for the Internet Explorer filter transition effect that is to be performed when the site is loaded.

imagetoolbar:  This content-type use for when an image is hovered, an image toolbar appears in IE. This use for enables the disabling of the image toolbar.