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Why Node.js could be best for your next web application


Shahbaaz Khan

Last updated on 21-06-2019


5 min read

Why Node.js could be best for your next web application

Thinking of making a web application by using Node.js? then YES, you are at right place.

You can make web application by using other platforms but why Node.js? why should I prefer Node.js? what are advantages over other platforms? why it is efficient? Stop. Stop…Relax. I will tell you how it could be your choice for developing your next Web Application.

So, Let’s jump into this, but before we have to understand what is Node.js?


Node.js is free open source server environment that executes JavaScript code outside of a browser, it also runs on various platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc. It allows developers to make web servers and networking tools because of the effective use of JS.

The main reason for Node.js being the most used development environment is that it increases developer’s productivity, reduce the cost of development as well as increase application performance, it can generate dynamic page content and can create, open, read, write, delete, and close files on the server.

Making a Web app using Node.js follows your application having a upper hand over others from getting recognized from google search engine, Web apps mostly rely on Node.js to carry HTML.

Node.js has become the most popular development platform with 7 million instances online ten out of eight are planning to use Node.js in future shortly.

As you can see that almost 49.6% of people use Node.js whereas angular is used by 36.9% and react 27.8%, It has easily had the upper hand over the other popular platforms. So, Let’s see the uses of Node JS.


1. Easy to learn

Node.js is easy to learn, for understanding Node.js you just need to have basic knowledge of Javascript like loops, functions, variables, arrays, arrow functions, and many more. Most of the JavaScript Developers preferred Node.js because it is very easy to catch Node.js

2. Streaming of data

Node.js allows users to upload file in real time and also user can encode file while it’s uploading, You can also make an application for streaming audio and video like Netflix.

It also helps to build proxies between data layers.

3. Single page web apps

If you compare multi page and single page web application one difference you will find out that multi page application takes time to load on the user side, Obviously We don’t want our application to load slowly on client side so if we create single page application it will run faster than multi page application.

Single page applications are easier and fast to load on the client side. Node.js provides quick response time that makes app load faster and also provides sharing of data between user and server.

4. Real-time applications

Want to make a chat application? Node.js is extraordinary when it comes to building real-time chatting application and game apps.

Below are the benefits you can check of making an webapp with Node.js

– faster

– data streaming

– Real-time Apps

– Fast coding

In chatting apps, it is the real-time application so it must be lightweight because if it’s not then it will slow down the application and also take time to deliver or receive data.

There are big giant companies like Netflix, LinkedIn, Paypal, Uber, Nasa uses Node.js for their productivity.

5. APIs

We can create REST APIs very efficient way. In Node.js we don’t need to convert JSON and whatever from database API does this automatically.

6. Scalability

Scalability is of the feature of Node.js when you have to serve requests just spin up more server instances and run node there.

Node.js scalability does not depend on the hardware power, hardware plays a role but a Node can scale horizontally so you can add more machines that work together.

7. Community

A big community of Node.js provides modules which is the big reason why Node.js is popular, The great modules is provided by the large open source community, There are many effective modules that connect between client and server.


So as per the points I think now you have got an idea that why should you go for Node.js for your next web app.

If you make an application using node.js then it will be easy and fast coding and also good for streaming plus it can handle traffic on the app so the app will not slow down because of the high traffic and if you want to make an application that needs real-time users data then you know what I am going to say it.


Shahbaaz Khan

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