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Shahbaaz Khan

Last updated on 09-05-2019


5 min read

Technologies and come and go, Once we have been messaging our friends through letters and now we can just ping them even if they are million kilometers away from us. Technology is the thing which is constantly getting changed and getting better and best every second.

Different technologies have make a mark in the last some years, But the technology which have not only created a mark but be helpful to giants like Facebook, Airbnb, DropBox, IMDb, Instagram, Netflix, PayPal, Tesla Motors and many more are using React.js framework due to its great efficiency. The library which was first deployed on Facebook’s newsfeed and went on to be open-sourced in March 2013. Since then, React.js framework has become immensely popular for doing view rendering work both in large scale and in a single page application.

But the question is Will React JS Stay as it is or it will go other way around. Here we will discuss about React.

Dominating Frontend Library

From last years, Without a doubt the Dominating Frontend Library is React. Sure, Angular and Vue js and SASS is top of its game but still with the presence of Powerhouses like these, React has make its mark in this world.

Below is the image where you can see some of the Details that prove React has actually make a mark.

React In Production: AirBnB, Asana, Atlassian, BBC, Chegg, CloudFlare, CNN.com, Codecademy, Coursera, Craftsy, Dailymotion, Dropbox, Expedia, Facebook, Feedly, Flipboard, HipChat, IMDb, Imgur, Instagram, Khan Academy, KISSmetrics, Mattermark, Minerva Project, Netflix, OkCupid, Rackspace, Rally Software, Ralph Lauren, Reddit, Redfin, Salesforce, Squarespace, The New York Times, Trunk Club, Twitter, Uber, University of Cincinnati, Venmo, WhatsApp, Wired, Wix, WordPress, Yahoo, Zendesk

Good for Business

It is good for business because it give the chance to enterprises to make standout apps which will give them efficient services but visually engaging user experience and user interface. Lots of small and large-scale business need technology which have better user engagement, higher click-through-rates (CTR) and Increase conversions. Lots of business prefer ReactJS because it assured of better performance compared to those that use other frameworks. Preventing updating of DOM is one of the reasons why people prefer React js and with DOM Manipulation the applications will run smoothly and give the customers a good user

Easy to Use

Being able to do variety of things is great, but only if you don’t have to spend the rest of your life learning new technologies every time. React is easy to learn and easy to use and comes with a good supply of documentation and training resources. Anyone who comes from a JavaScript background can understand and start using React in a few days. This makes all the great things it does even greater because you can actually use them in short order.

It is very easy to use for most of the developers, For The JavaScript developers they can quickly and easily work with Reactjs. For HTML and CSS Developers The basic knowledge will efficiently serve the purpose. For mobile app developers, the React Native version offers multiple advantages over its competitors.

Performance and Flexiblity

Apps with a lot of user interaction and data updates normally require a careful consideration of how the app structure is going to impact performance. The Document Object Model is very slow to change and update. A server constantly checks the difference caused by the changes to give the necessary response. To respond properly, it needs to update the DOM trees of the whole document, which is not ergonomically valid nowadays DOM trees contain thousands of elements. This problem is solved by using the virtual DOM.

As per Flexibility, It is React is only one piece of the puzzle. It has a very simple implementation of state (the stuff that changes around in the UI), but many interfaces need a more robust implementation, Using and understanding React’s built-in state is relatively easy, but many developers opt to use a more robust version.  

Developer Tools and their Community

As per Research “Out of 23k developers , Almost 14k developers prefer React over any other frontend Framework ”

New technologies can be fun, but only if you can actually use them in a development environment. That means having tools to help you design and debug the new technology, and React is well covered in terms of design and debugging tools. React Developer Tools, available for Chrome and Firefox, is a browser extension for React. It allows you to inspect the React component hierarchies in the virtual DOM. You can select individual components and examine and edit their current properties and state. You can also track the hierarchy of any component and discover both parent and child components. You can find them on Github, Chrome store and many more.

Yes React is here to Stay, As an open-source library with over 1,000 contributors, React.js is constantly developing. Many things are already available, while the rest of the codebase can be reused. Major changes to the framework go through the Future of React repo, Issues and PR. This enables the community to provide feedback on new potential features, experimental APIs, and JS syntax improvements.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Reactjs allow search engines to crawl the website or mobile app that increases the chances of getting ranked on the top of the search engine index. By running on a server, rendering it as a regular web page and returning a virtual DOM request to the browser; the React js allow search engines to crawl JavaScript-heavy apps.

As React is using JavaScript to load its pages and load the content in most cases. Google and other search engines are able to read the content but it’s always required in these cases to check what the actual result is so the React is good for SEO.


From a troubleshooting idea, it has been transformed into the trendiest framework and leader in performance and adoption of new design patterns. The extensive UI library helps create features that address business issues, improve customer satisfaction, and boost business growth.

React JS is the most trending Technology in 2019 and as you have seen its advantages and growth to developers and business, Yes, It is here to stay and it will not go anytime soon.


Shahbaaz Khan

I am the business development manager of Webrex Studio, passionate about writing everything related to the digital world. Creating strategies for implementing growth opportunities in existing and new markets and helping customers by addressing their needs effectively. In my free time I do Acting, Storytelling, Writing and exploring new technologies in the digital world.