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A shopping Assistant

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Zeepzoop is a shopping Assistant Application. It makes shopping simpler for you by recommending you the best places to shop from Brick & Mortar as well as Niche Ecommerce websites by using user generated ratings and reviews. It’s not just about shopping, mind you. ZeepZoop is a versatile, all-inclusive and allrounder mate for you to get alerts and notifications for whatever latest/trendy things introduced in the market.


Client wants to do something out of the box by his system .In this mobile application, our team task is to make visual appealing application and it should be user friendly. The development and designing work is done of our team and found great feedback from the client. We are also giving support to the client till date and satisfy his needs before timeline. The whole project last from 4-6 months timeline and our team has done some great work in this.


The most pathbreaking challenge for our team is find some great designs which can be unique in visual. Our team has worked a lot and come up with the designs that can blow the mind of the customers. After design work our team has also done the Backend work with full dedication and hard work.  Right now we are giving full support to our client for his mobile application.

Key Features

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Discover the Undiscovered Exclusive Brick & Mortar as well as E-commerce shops.

Find the most amazing offers & shop without guilt..

You can find reviews of the best shops.

it will create a list of shops that you love.


Languages used in this Project

Project Type

Mobile Application in Android and iOS.


E commerce.